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Jump Start Your Q1 Planning With These 10 Presentation Templates

Jordan Turner
December 1, 2022
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Jump Start Your Q1 Planning With These 10 Presentation TemplatesJump Start Your Q1 Planning With These 10 Presentation Templates
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The first quarter of the calendar year is a great opportunity for businesses to reevaluate their strategies and realign on the overall goals of the company. It’s a chance to define what worked well and what needs improvement in the coming months. This often calls for teams to review budgets, analyze reports or performance, and collaborate on new plans. 

It can be a lot, so we’ve compiled a list of pre-built presentation templates to help get you started. Customize the templates below based on your business needs, and’s Smart Slides will handle the rest. Now you can focus on that’s important: Q1 planning (not tinkering with presentation design). 

Jumpstart your Q1 planning with these 10 presentation templates.


Objectives and key results (OKRs) is a process that helps leadership engage employees and drive high-performance results. Teams that are focused on goals tend to be more productive in order to achieve those wins. But how do you get everyone aligned on the objectives of projects and campaigns? Teams can set clear OKRs in Q1 more effectively with’s OKR presentation example.   

The customizable template has everything you need to set expectations, achieve measurement, and establish accountability. A successful OKR presentation can help leadership and teams communicate internally and turn ideas into results. 

Our OKR template can also help you set clear expectations for business goals and success with key stakeholders, hold yourself and your team accountable, or drive high-performance results within each department.

Budget review

A budget review presentation is used to review your budget from the previous fiscal year, and keep your finances on track all while scaling your business. Teams can analyze budget allocations from the previous quarter and discuss which departments may require additional resources with the help of’s budget review presentation example.  

Our customizable template has everything you need for a budget review presentation like financial roadmap, outlook and funding. A successful budget review presentation can help businesses and partners— like investors— align on which money is going where for the overall financial health of the company.

Our budget review template can also help you analyze financial resources with key stakeholders, plan out a budget roadmap and outlook for the upcoming year, and get investors and board members up to speed on the status of the business.

Budget proposal

It’s not enough to come up with a list of goals or brainstorm a list of ideas for your business. You have to map out how you’ll accomplish those goals or make your ideas come to life… within a reasonable budget. 

When you need to make your case to managers or executives for additional resources in the coming quarter, a budget proposal presentation is an essential tool. Your presentation should explain your idea, what obstacles you may come across, and why your desired budget is necessary for your project. 

Use a budget proposal presentation to gain funding for your department, explain the budget for a new project or initiative, or fund new hires for your team.

Marketing plan

Creating an effective marketing plan presentation requires attention to detail and a clear view of your future marketing goals. Using a marketing strategy presentation template removes some of the pressure to develop your own slide designs while leaving freedom of creativity directly in your hands.

A marketing strategy plan template can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing strategy, marketing plans, ad campaigns, and marketing proposals.

Business plan

A business plan presentation is used to explain how a business will reach its goals and to show value to potential investors and partners.

Using a business plan presentation template, you remove some of the stress involved in developing individual slides to suit each purpose of your project. Instead, the templates leave room for customization, while providing the space and tools necessary for successful business plan design.

A business plan presentation can be useful for new product launch, start-up and small business planning, or an investor update.

Throughout your business plan, you might show your audience what types of products or services you provide, financial targets, current investors, recent upgrades, information on patents and legalities, and other important information.

Lean coffee

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from more productive meetings. The lean coffee format helps facilitate more collaborative meetings— and encourages more engagement— through group discussion and a team-generated agenda. Teams can improve the structure of their meetings in Q1 with’s lean coffee presentation example.  

The customizable template has everything you need to lead a successful brainstorming session with less expectations. A successful lean coffee presentation can help participants gather and have a more directed and productive conversation. 

Our lean coffee template can also help you facilitate learning and collaboration, replace any ineffective meeting structures, or act as an exercise to brainstorm and come up with more creative ideas.

Feature planning

Creating a new feature in Q1 can be a daunting task with tedious steps. Feature planning helps teams develop a process for building new features so you can set yourself up for success. The planning allows you to have a clear process in place as you create your product or iterate on it with additional features. Teams can plan for and launch new features more effectively with’s feature planning presentation example.  

The customizable template has everything you need to plan for product feature development, release, and testing. A successful feature planning presentation can help product managers and teams communicate internally and put their best foot forward before a new launch. 

Our feature planning template can also help you list out steps of the process for getting a new product feature off the ground, communicate timelines and deliverables with key stakeholders, and get feedback on a new feature from internal teams or product users before a release.

Sales strategy

A sales strategy helps sales teams achieve their sales goals and close more deals.’s sales strategy template enables managers and sales reps to prioritize and engage with potential customers, while developing different selling models to reach prospective clients. 

Our customizable template has everything you need for your Q1 sales strategy like key performance indicators (KPIs), sales process, and product overview. A thoughtful sales strategy presentation can help teams understand things like target market, response time between inbound leads and first sales touch-point, and how to properly demo the product.  

Our sales strategy template can also help you identify objectives and provide guidance to your sales team, create product positioning guidelines, or share sales pipelines and wins with the team and other stakeholders.

Product roadmap

Make your next product roadmap presentation your most impressive one yet with our customizable template. Perfect for bringing your vision to life, this product roadmap template has all the essential elements for a successful pitch: vision and strategy, goals and objectives, launch timelines, and more. 

Even better? This template is already professionally designed and will come together in just minutes – helping you get your product roadmap off the ground. Whether you’re pitching to investors or training an in-house development team, you can easily tailor our product roadmap template to any audience. 

Our product roadmap template can also help you pitch new products to investors and customers, visualize the trajectory of research and development work, and inform and educate your sales team of up-and-coming products.

Project plan

Do you have an upcoming project plan you need to present? Look no further than our Project Plan Template, a simple presentation template that takes just minutes to customize and bring to life. 

With all the core elements needed for a successful presentation, this easy-to-create template can help you visualize your project plan and sell it to your target audience. From project timelines and goals to requirements and budgets, this template outlines everything you need to take your detailed plan and turn it into a streamlined presentation.

Our project plan template can also help you kick-off new projects, detail project plan specifics, like resources required, and pitch and win new work.

Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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