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7 Presentation Templates Every Business Needs to Function

Jordan Turner
October 8, 2020
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7 Presentation Templates Every Business Needs to Function7 Presentation Templates Every Business Needs to Function
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There are many moving parts when it comes to the success of a business. Each employee, team, and department are an integral cog in the company’s accomplishments. While every team has their own strengths and roles, collaboration is key to ensure the business is running smoothly and efficiently. Communication, both internally and externally, is important to make sure everyone is aligned on business goals, plans, and wins. 

Presentations can help facilitate communication and collaboration among teams. Creating a presentation to share company goals, plans, updates, and successes is a fool-proof way to establish healthy communication organization-wide. This should apply to all departments, and both internal and external communications. Presentations allow you to tell your story in a more clear and concise way. It helps teams map out proposals, share status updates, and display important data in an easily digestible way so that all stakeholders are on the same page. Ultimately, communication keeps the business functioning and allows teams to scale more effectively. 

In this guide, we share seven presentation templates every business needs to function. From sales to weekly status reports, we’ve pulled together the best templates to help your business win. 

Sales proposal

Sale proposals are used to show how your business, brand, service or product will positively influence a buyer, partner company, or investor. For a sales proposal to be successful it must include a straightforward message, be visually impactful, and show specific stats or data that reference your company’s strengths.

A sale proposal is important so that your team can generate new business, while maintaining loyalty from existing customers. Creating a sales proposal presentation is the first step in scaling your business. 

Business plan

A business plan presentation is used to explain how a business will reach its goals and to show value to potential investors and partners. It’s also a good presentation to have on hand to reference internally each quarter to make sure your strategies are supporting your end goals. 

Using a business plan presentation template, you remove some of the stress involved in developing individual slides to suit each purpose of your project. A business plan helps to provide the space and tools necessary for successful business plan design. 

Marketing plan

Creating an effective marketing plan presentation requires attention to detail and a clear view of your future marketing goals. Using a marketing strategy presentation template removes some of the pressure to develop your own slide designs while leaving freedom of creativity directly in your hands.

A marketing plan helps you map out your marketing strategies and projects for the upcoming month, quarter, or year so that your efforts don’t get lost in the shuffle. Your marketing plan should clearly display any overarching goals, campaigns, and strategies that will contribute to the overall business plan of the company. 

Operations plan

Need to keep your team on track towards a goal or objective? Use an operations plan to outline your business strategy. An operations plan presentation keeps all of your team members on the same page, ensuring that they understand their roles, responsibilities, and how they fit into the overall project.

An operations plan is an essential component to your project’s success. This is where you can share out any key performance indicators (KPIs) or objectives and key results (OKRs). It helps keep the wheels moving, and all stakeholders engaged, so that your projects are more efficient and effective.

Weekly Reports

Just as an annual report reviews the past year’s goals, projects, and progress, a weekly report presentation examines the past week completely. Your weekly report should quickly recap what was completed in the past week, what you’re working on now, and plans for the week ahead.

Your weekly report also needs to be concise and comprehensive. A reporting presentation template can keep your accomplishments, tasks, and strategies organized for your next meeting. It helps you keep track of important and relevant information and metrics, and share that with your team, executives, or board members. 

Pro tip: an end of year review is also a good presentation template to have on hand for reporting.

All-hands meeting

An all-hands meeting gathers your entire organization together for a short but effective assembly. These meetings allow separate teams and employees to connect to one another, building a sense of community and collaborate on company efforts. You can accomplish a lot if you organize your meeting well.

An all-hands meeting is important so that the entire company is up to date and in the know about past, present and future projects, initiatives, and goals. Creating a presentation for these meetings helps each team provide their high-level updates and share out any important data that could be relevant to the overarching goals of the business. 

Board meeting

Preparing for your next board meeting? Make an impression by putting together an impactful presentation with’s customizable board meeting presentation template. Our template will help you host a productive, efficient board meeting that reflects on company progress, refines goals, and celebrates company wins.

It goes without saying that you want to keep the members of the board informed and happy with company updates, and a board meeting presentation allows you to do so in an effective way. 

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Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner

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