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Year-End Review Presentation

Use This Template

When the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what worked for your business and what didn’t. A year-end review presentation can help you find solutions for any issues, and implement a strategy for company growth moving forward. Your end of year review presentation is a vital tool for presenting your findings to investors, upper management, or employees during all-hands meetings. 

Use our year-end review presentation template to:

  • Summarize how the company performed over the past year
  • Set goals for the future
  • Outline a strategy to meet future goals

Create a Memorable Year-End Review

Slides in your year-end review should clearly and easily explain high-level information to your audience. Add visual interest to our end of year review template by using graphs, timelines, tables, charts, and sales funnels to present your data. Each of these graphics are easy to add to your template, and customizable, too. Examples of slides to include in your presentation are:

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Pro Tips for Your Year-End Review Presentation

Before putting together your year-end review presentation, consider these important tips.

Start with the big picture

At the beginning of your year-end review presentation, include an overall summary of the company’s mission, values, culture, and so on. It’ll provide context for the rest of your slides.

Celebrate successes

Celebrating company successes not only boosts morale, it gives you valuable insight into strategies you might use for the coming year.

Check the flow of your presentation

Your end of year review presentation should begin with a company overview, talk about what you accomplished in the past year, then outline your goals for the coming year.

Highlight room for improvement

Even if your team didn’t meet the goals as expected, you can count those as learning experiences. Use them to adjust your plans and goals for the future.