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A Guide to Every Type of Corporate Presentation (and The Templates to Create Them)

Samantha Pratt Lile
June 22, 2022
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A Guide to Every Type of Corporate Presentation (and The Templates to Create Them)A Guide to Every Type of Corporate Presentation (and The Templates to Create Them)
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What types of presentations might be delivered at a corporate level? The list is as endless as the possible business functions. Regardless of the variety of presentations that might be used in a corporate setting, they share the common purposes of informing, persuading and motivating an audience of both internal and external colleagues and customers. While some business presentations might be designed to achieve one of those three primary goals, other presentations might need to accomplish all three.

It’s practically impossible to master every possible type of corporate presentation, but you can hone your public speaking skills and gain a valuable understanding of an assortment of corporate presentation types. Not only will it make you more prepared when these presentations ultimately come your way, but you’ll be ready to pitch your own presentations when they most benefit your team.

Want to learn more about the various types of corporate presentations a modern professional might encounter? The following types of business presentations are sure to help teams communicate with clients and close more deals.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is direct, to the point and lasts less than a minute. It’s the initial business pitch or personal pitch one might make if they found themselves with an executive in an elevator. The persuasive speech is designed to spark interest in a brand, product or person.

Every elevator pitch is unique, but professionals at any level of their career can get ideas by looking at some of’s famous PowerPoint makeovers and see how some of the world’s most successful companies pitched their startups. 

Sales pitch

A sales proposal or sales pitch presentation is used to demonstrate how a business, brand, product or service will positively influence a buyer, partner or investor. The impactful, straightforward message is important in the corporate environment because it’s frequently relied upon to close new deals.

The sales proposal template features all the necessary slides to showcase a company, brand or product, plus it provides all the basic placement and design elements for users to fill with customized content.

Investor pitch

An investor pitch deck or investor proposal presentation is used to introduce a product or brand and show how it solves a problem or opportunity in the market. It’s used in the corporate world to attract potential investors as well as partners.’s investment proposal template helps professionals explain their projects and business ideas clearly and succinctly. It includes slides that introduce teams to potential investors and data visualizations to help users secure funding for their companies.

Product proposal presentation

A product proposal presentation helps professionals launch new products and sell big ideas. In fact, the product proposal is where most new ventures start, so it’s easy to understand their importance in the corporate business environment. An effective product proposal attracts buyers and investors by outlining key features, showcasing product visuals and reflecting value and profitability using market data.

The product proposal presentation template includes slides perfectly curated to present a product as a solution, emphasize its versatility and inspire excitement among potential clients.

Keynote presentation

At some point in most any professional’s career, they will have to deliver a keynote presentation, which focuses on a central theme and sets an overall tone for a meeting or event. Keynote presentations can be inspiring, informational, entertaining and motivational. While not delivered as commonly as a sales pitch, for example, the ability to design and communicate a keynote presentation is a valuable tool in any personal professional arsenal. users don’t have to stress about designing the slide deck for their keynote presentations. Just modify one of our presentation templates, such as our master thesis presentation template or our research project template, and add your custom content to the preselected slides.

Webinar presentation

A webinar is an online seminar, workshop, lecture or presentation hosted via video conferencing software. Webinar presentations are used in the corporate world for launching new products and services, lead generation, inbound marketing, email marketing and brand building. Webinars are also more frequently used in the modern business world for internal remote presentations between management and employees. features a customizable webinar recap template that features everything needed to successfully recap a lengthier webinar session, including webinar guidelines and a creative strategy exercise. It’s perfect for sharing additional resources with audiences, capturing emails for new prospects and promoting upcoming webinars and conferences.

Board meeting presentation

A board meeting presentation is just as its name suggests: a presentation or slide deck designed to provide information in a board meeting. A board meeting presentation might accomplish goals such as reporting company progress, refining goals and celebrating company wins.’s board meeting presentation template is perfectly designed to help users communicate key company initiatives, share updates with the board and evaluate campaigns or goals. Just add your content and let artificial intelligence handle the rest.

Budget proposal

A budget proposal presentation is an essential tool in the corporate business environment as it helps professionals make their case for additional resources to management or executives. The presentation should explain the idea, identify obstacles and communicate why the desired budget is necessary for the project.’s customizable budget proposal template features slides perfectly curated to explain proposed budgets for a new project, fund new hires for a team and gain funding for a department.

Year-end review

Year-end review presentations are used in corporate business to reflect on what worked for a company and what didn’t over the prior year. It can help organizations find solutions to problems and implement strategies for future growth. A year-end review presentation is a vital tool for communicating important business data to investors, upper management and employees. users don’t need to lose sleep about their upcoming year-end review presentations. Our year-end review template features slides to help summarize how a company performed over the past year, set goals for the future and outline a strategy to meet those future goals.

Business plan

Corporate professionals use business plan presentations to explain how a company will reach its goals and to show value to potential partners and investors. A business plan presentation is useful when launching a new product, when starting a new business and when updating investors on a company’s status.

You can remove some of the stress associated with designing a business plan presentation slide deck by relying on’s business plan presentation template. Don't worry about developing individual slides to suit each purpose of your project. Instead, just customize the template and let AI handle the fine details.

Performance review presentation

Performance reviews are a necessary part of business that help managers and employees align their expectations and set goals for future success. Unfortunately, performance reviews can also be a dreaded chore for managers and employees alike. A performance review presentation helps bring the reports to life and gives the data more meaning to those under review.

Of course, it’s unlikely that most managers have the availability to design a new presentation for every employee they review. Instead, they can save time and effort with’s customizable performance review presentation template. The slide deck template already includes all the necessary topics, users need only enter individual employee data and let AI handle the rest.

Project planning presentation

How does a project manager communicate the status and results of their various campaigns? A project planning presentation helps teams visualize projects and sell them to target audiences. A project planning presentation might be used to kick off a new project, detail specific project plans or even pitch and win new work.’s project plan template takes just minutes to customize, and it includes all the core elements needed for a successful presentation, including project timelines, goals and budgets.

Training presentation

Training is an integral element of any corporate environment, and a training presentation is a great way to engage employees and new recruits while delivering an informative and organized message. A training presentation provides structure to a speech and boosts presenters’ confidence. It also allows the presenter to deliver their message more efficiently, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Need a powerful visual aid for your next corporate training session?’s training presentation template features slides chosen specifically to present information simply and logically while helping the presenter to stay focused on their speech while they motivate, inspire and inform their audience.

Competitive analysis report

How can you better understand your competitors in the corporate world to stand out against them? Companies use competitive analysis reports to identify and evaluate their competitors, as well as to analyze factors such as competitors’ reach, products or services, areas of operation and online presence. By understanding competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, professionals can create strategies to help them lead the market. users can customize our competitive analysis report template to more easily analyze their target market, compare products and services against competitors and create strategies to build a stronger market share.

Marketing campaign plan

Corporate teams use marketing campaign plans to identify relevant, integrated marketing activities that will help them reach campaign objectives and influence customers. A marketing campaign can be a complicated project, but a marketing campaign plan presentation can help keep everything organized. With a marketing campaign plan presentation, professionals can break down their campaigns from beginning to end, including details about their target audience and goals, social media and email marketing plans, performance metrics and more.

With’s marketing campaign plan template, users easily can keep all their marketing strategy participants on the same page, bring their stakeholders up to speed and present campaign ideas to executives.

Employee onboarding presentation

How do you bring new employees up to speed as efficiently and effectively as possible? One tool many corporate recruiters rely upon is an onboarding presentation. Through onboarding, new employees are integrated with a company and its culture while they receive the tools and information needed to be productive team members. With onboarding presentations, professionals can introduce new hires to a company in a smooth and consistent process.’s new hire onboarding template helps users keep everything organized for new employees. The template lets designers create roadmaps for one month to six months to ensure new hires are on the right path.

Didn't see what you were looking for? Check out our entire library of pre-built presentation templates here and customize it to make it your own.

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