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Competitive Analysis Report Template

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The better you understand your competitors, the better chance you have of standing out against them. How do you evaluate your competitors? By using a competitive analysis report.

A competitive analysis report template can help you identify competitors in your field, as well as analyze their reach, products or services, areas of operation, online presence, and more. Once you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can create strategies that help you bridge the gaps.

Use our competitive analysis report template to:

  • Analyze your organization’s target market
  • Compare your products or services against competitors
  • Create future strategies to build stronger market share

Create a Competitive Analysis Report Template

Use every slide in your competitive analysis report to achieve your goal. Graphics can help illustrate the points you make in your presentation. Pictographs, line graphs, word clouds, Gantt charts, and sales funnels can be added to your competitive analysis report template with just one click. Here is a breakdown of the slides that we used in our competitive analysis report example:

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Pro Tips for Building a Competitor Analysis Report Template

Follow these simple tips when customizing your competitor analysis report template.

Focus on competitors first

Provide an overview of your competitors’ revenue, company size, reach, and customer perception. It’ll give your audience an idea of what your organization is up against.

Include your target audience

Share buyer personas and industry trends to give your competitive analysis report the proper context.

Use graphics to your advantage

Make your comparisons and evaluations visually engaging by using the right graphics in your presentation.

Add a conclusion

Based on your competitive analysis, what are the next steps your company should take? End your presentation with a succinct conclusion and call to action.