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Budget Proposal Presentation

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It’s not enough to come up with a list of goals or brainstorm a list of ideas for your business. You have to map out how you’ll accomplish those goals or make your ideas come to life… within a reasonable budget. 

When you need to make your case to managers or executives for additional resources, a budget proposal presentation is an essential tool. Your presentation should explain your idea, what obstacles you may come across, and why your desired budget is necessary for your project. 

Use a budget proposal presentation to:

  • Gain funding for your department
  • Explain the budget for a new project or initiative
  • Fund new hires for your team

A Budget Proposal Presentation

Every slide in your budget proposal presentation serves an important function. You might present numerical data in easy to read, memorable graphics like timelines, bar graphs, Gantt charts, Venn diagrams, and sales funnels to drive your point home. Each of these features can be added to your template with one click. Some potential slides to include are:

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Pro Tips for Your Budget Proposal Presentation Template

Make the most of your budget proposal presentation with these easy tips.

Keep it brief

A budget proposal doesn’t have to be much longer than ten slides. Outline the problem, propose your budget, and explain how the budget will help you achieve your goal.

Include your mission statement

Remember to include a mission statement in the beginning of your presentation. Use one or two sentences to explain the purpose of your budget proposal.

Make use of diagrams and charts

Budget proposals are number-heavy presentations. Use diagrams and charts where you can to make it more readable.

Check the numbers

Before you present your budget proposal, double check all your numbers for accuracy.