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Marketing Campaign Plan Template

Use This Template

The purpose of a marketing campaign plan is to identify relevant, integrated, marketing activities and channels to reach campaign objectives as well as influence customers. Because marketing campaigns are a complex, multifaceted project, you need a marketing campaign plan template to keep everything organized. Our template helps you break down your marketing campaign from beginning to end. Share your campaign’s target audience and goals, social media and email marketing plans, performance metrics and measurements of success, and much more.

Use our marketing campaign plan template to:

  • Keep all marketing strategy participants on the same page
  • Get stakeholders up to speed
  • Present campaign ideas to executives

Let our Marketing Campaign Plan template guide you every step of the way

Make sure your team and/or stakeholders leave your presentation feeling fully informed on your marketing campaign.There is a lot of information to digest in a marketing campaign plan. Graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and other graphics can help drive your points home without overwhelm. Add these elements to your template easily, with a few clicks of your mouse.

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Tips for building out your Marketing Campaign Plan Template

Keep these tips in mind when putting together your marketing campaign plan template.

Check the order of your slides

Make sure your information is presented in an order that flows naturally. Share an overview of key points before drilling down into the specifics.

Avoid overcrowding slides

Avoid the temptation to fill every slide with information or graphics. Keep it simple.

Remember your audience

Tweak your marketing campaign plan template according to your audience. Shareholders and executives will probably want to focus on ROI and goals, while marketer team members will want to know the timeline and deliverables.

Choose Powerful Imagery

Picking the right photos and images is essential to the overall success of your presentation. Be sure to pick images that tell a story and enhance understanding.