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Advertising Presentation

Use This Template

A stellar advertising presentation should be engaging and informative, as well as well-researched. It should catch your stakeholders’ attention, explain why a product or service isn’t selling, and explain which advertising tactics will help solve that problem. The next time you need to boost advertising spend or advocate for a new campaign, use an advertising pitch presentation template to do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Use our advertising presentation template to:

  • Introduce a new solution to increase revenue 
  • Present an advertising campaign to a client
  • Demonstrate ROI to stakeholders

Customize this Advertising Pitch Example

Make the data in your presentation easy to read and digest. Add graphics such as sales funnels, bullet lists, tables, or comparison charts to illustrate your points. Each of these can be added to your advertising pitch presentation template instantly and customized.

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Pro Tips for Your Advertising Presentation

These tips will come in handy when putting together your advertising pitch presentation.

Highlight your most important points

Leave out the long blocks of text on your slides. Include only the most important points, and keep them organized with headers and bullets.

Keep your fonts consistent

Great fonts add visual impact to your presentation. Don’t overdo it though; stick to two or three different fonts at most. Using your organization’s branded fonts is best.

Use one slide per idea

Cramming too much information about your advertising strategy onto one slide can get overwhelming. Stick to one idea or topic per slide, and use multiple slides if needed.

Make sure to include budget

Using the budget slide, you can show key stakeholders what budget they may need to approve, and what they can expect in terms of ROI. Use graphs and charts to make it easier to digest!