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Consulting Proposal Presentation Template

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Consultants are experts in a given field, they specialize in anything from Information Technology to Human Resources. Consulting proposal presentations are used by consultants and consulting firms to showcase success, set expectations, and onboard new clients. Consulting proposals are part of effective customer lifecycle management. To craft a consulting proposal presentation you’ll need a project summary, key deliverables, a timeline, and a way to gauge project success.  Our Consulting proposal template makes it easy for you to adjust quickly to different situations and specific clients. This can lead to a larger customer base, better organization, and agreeable client expectations.

Our consulting proposal presentation template can help you:

  • Increase your customer base
  • Outline pricing and expectations
  • Build a practical timeline

Quickly adjust your consulting presentations by using this template

Consulting presentations should be adjusted for each client but not all of your slides need to change. Make a master consulting presentation that uses these helpful slides:

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Consulting Proposal Presentation tips that develop and maintain healthy client relationships

Achieve more by taking advantage of these tips and tricks when building out your consulting proposal:

Showcase your success

Reassure potential clients that you are an expert in your given field and that your methods are effective. Refer to or summarize case studies if possible.

Customize your content

Your presentation will be more effective if you are able to directly address client concerns from the start. Make sure you understand each client’s problems and explain how you’ll tackle them.

Provide a measure for success

Mitigate potential client apprehension by showing how you will measure the success of each project.

Set expectations

Don’t leave room for unwanted surprises, specify your key deliverables, pricing, deadline, etc.