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Small Business Plan Template

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Small business plans are an essential first step towards the success of your company. Small business plan presentations serve as a strategic blueprint you can share with potential investors, possible partners, and interested parties. You’ll need an overview of your business’s goals, basic strategy, marketing tactics, finances, and a profitability forecast, etc. A comprehensive and well-prepared presentation will instill confidence in your audience. Our small business plan example will help you bring structure to and build interest in your organization’s strategy. Convey your company’s potential for success, get funding, and build partnerships using our small business plan presentation. 

Our small business plan presentation template can help your company: 

  • Secure funding
  • Solidify partnerships
  • Outline company goals

Let our Small Business Plan Template help your company reach its goals

Developing a small business plan presentation requires a detailed strategy and can extend over many slides. Use a combination of the following slides to best showcase your company:

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Pro tips for securing partners and funding for your company

Ensure your presentation generates the interest your business deserves by creating a stellar deck with this advice:

Always proofread

First impressions matter, ensure your entire presentation is clear, concise, and free of errors. Typos can distract from even the best small business plan presentation.

Make your purpose clear

Who are you presenting to and why? Make sure your Executive Summary slide is straightforward and to the point. Are you looking for investors? A partner? Set your goals and expectations at the start of your presentation.

Emphasize your unique selling point

What makes your business better than a competitor’s? Make sure to reassure clients of your market advantages and how you intend to leverage them.

Keep your slides clean and simple

Small business plans can be lengthy so make sure that information is spread over various slides. You can build momentum by reading your audience and adjusting your presentation speed as needed.