Creative Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign and How to Execute Them with Your Team

Samantha Pratt Lile
October 11, 2022
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Creative Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign and How to Execute Them with Your TeamCreative Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign and How to Execute Them with Your Team
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What’s the hardest part of launching a new social media campaign? Many social media managers would argue it’s producing creative and original ideas. After all, with so many brands now relying on practically every social media platform, there’s a lot of competition and a lack of originality. At the same time, followers demand new content on a consistent basis, creating quite a predicament for marketers when they run out of ideas.

To ensure a steady stream of content posted to each social media channel, brands must arm themselves with multiple social media ideas and campaigns in progress at any given time. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources offering new and original ideas for social media campaigns to customize.

10 Creative social media campaign ideas

Tired of brainstorming for creative social media campaign ideas and coming up empty? Hoping to design a social media campaign with content that goes viral? The following 10 ideas for social media campaigns are sure to give you an edge while planning your strategies:

1. Weekly themes

Hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday and #MondayMotivation consistently trend on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Creating a social media campaign that integrates these popular weekly themes is a great way for brands to provide consistency for their audiences and motivate customers to share their posts.

2. Offers and discounts

Promoting discounts, coupons and other special offers on social media is an established method of generating new business. In fact, Facebook even provides a special section just for such offers. Not only do discounts encourage new customers to purchase from a brand, but they also help spread awareness as social media users share the savings with their friends and followers.

3. Content series

Rather than posting a variety of unrelated social media posts, hoping that at least one of them catches on with users, why not design a content series? By leaving social media users wondering what comes next, you’ll encourage engagement with your brand and inspire repeat visits to your profile.

4. Contests and giveaways

What’s better than getting a discount through social media? How about winning something free? Running a contest or offering a giveaway on Facebook, TikTok or Twitter is a sure way to make an impact on your audience. Believe it or not, a Tailwind study found that 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments related to a contest.

5. AMA events

Popularized by Reddit, an AMA – ask me anything – post provides an opportunity for social media users to engage with brands, influencers and other notable names. In an AMA, a profile hosts a question-and-answer session so the featured user can share knowledge, experiences and insights that otherwise would be unavailable to most followers.

6. Social media takeovers

Through a social media takeover, one social media user places their account in the hands of another, often a brand allowing a takeover by another influencer. These campaigns typically are short-term, lasting for about 24 hours, but during that time they can inspire massive audience engagement and introduce a profile to a host of new users.

7. Brand partnerships

Through co-marketing, two brands team up on a campaign to enhance their exposure. By partnering together to provide useful content or attractive promotions, each company gains access to the other’s audience. Because it’s so much easier to sync campaigns on social media, it’s a popular platform for co-marketing.

8. Livestreams

Live video is a compelling type of content among social media audiences. Facebook users, for example, spend three times longer watching live videos than the pre-recorded variety. Plus, when brands and influencers host a livestream, they can respond to viewers and even host a Q&A session in real time, allowing them to more personally connect with their audiences.

9. Audience polls

It’s no secret that social media users love to share their opinions. Hosting a social media poll is a highly effective method for encouraging audience engagement. Plus, polls supply valuable insight for marketers who need to understand what makes their audiences tick. Fortunately, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit provide a simple way to create a poll and track its results.

10. Customer spotlights

Social media users often respond more to other people than inanimate brands. Spotlighting customers is a great way for brands to engage audiences while showing appreciation. Not only are other customers interesting to audiences, but this type of content also can highlight why these customers advocate for a brand, which amounts to free advertising.

How can social media managers get everyone on board?

Now that you’ve got a slew of great ideas to customize for your brand’s social media campaigns, how do you present your ideas to leadership for approval? Then after that, what is the best way to get your teams on board with deliverables and deadlines? Presenting social media campaign ideas and strategies through a visual presentation is a highly effective method for bringing everyone to the same page. users can save time while designing professional-quality slide decks filled with engaging elements for a multitude of uses, including presenting social media strategies. Simply choose from an array of presentation templates and customize slides perfectly curated to support your topic. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, every is aided by a design assistant that automatically adjusts the slide’s format based on design principles.

Choose to customize’s social media strategy presentation template to illustrate a campaign’s background, goals, tasks, deliverables, and more. The template features a variety of infographics to highlight supporting data. Other templates that are ideal for presenting social media campaign ideas include the influencer marketing proposal template and the content marketing plan template. While these aren’t designed specifically for social media, each easily can be customized with applicable content.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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