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How To Get The Most Out Of a Sales Call Using Presentations

Isabelle Nicole
July 2, 2024
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How To Get The Most Out Of a Sales Call Using PresentationsHow To Get The Most Out Of a Sales Call Using Presentations
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Preparing for your sales calls is a mission-critical component of your sales process. Your sales org should sweat the details: always going into a call knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how.

It also doesn’t hurt to provide value right out of the gate. Presentations are a great way to incorporate engaging product education into your meeting, or sales call in a non-invasive, brand-centric way. During your call, a presentation is a tool to guide the prospect. Afterward, a leave-behind deck, customized to your prospect’s needs and the questions they asked during the call, is a valuable resource for them to return to. 

Great presentations build a relationship with your customers. With the right slides, prospects see your sales team is prepared, helpful and thinking of them throughout every part of their journey.

Prepare with a pre-call agenda

Sending a pre-call agenda in the form of a deck can significantly enhance the structure and professionalism of your sales meetings. A well-drafted agenda sets clear expectations, outlines key discussion points, and showcases your preparedness. 

This Agenda Slide Template keeps the meeting focused and demonstrates your commitment to the prospect’s needs.

Guide Zoom calls with presentations

You need an engaging presentation or pitch deck to enhance your virtual sales meetings. It helps focus your call, making your purpose and offering clear to whoever’s listening. offers the tools to create dynamic slides that keep prospects engaged and focused. By sharing your screen and walking through a visually appealing deck, you can ensure that your key points are communicated clearly and professionally. 

Maintain control over the conversation and incorporate interactive elements such as embedded videos or a Customer Journey Map to make the virtual meeting more engaging.’s intuitive design features make it easy to update slides on the fly, ensuring your presentation remains relevant and impactful.

The team at FORM leverages to create better sales collateral 75% faster.

Showcase demos

Showcasing product demos effectively during virtual sales calls can be the tipping point in converting a prospect into a customer. provides the ideal platform to create visually engaging demo slides highlighting your product’s features and benefits. By integrating high-quality visuals, step-by-step guides, and embedded videos, you can present your product in an informative and captivating way. This helps to keep the prospect’s attention and makes complex information easier to digest.

Use’s interactive elements, such as clickable prototypes or animations, to demonstrate the product’s functionality in real time.

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Background presentations for impact presentations are showstoppers, but they don’t always have to be the center of attention.

Running a presentation in the background of a sales call can add a layer of professionalism and keep key information top-of-mind for your prospects. These decks can include essential information such as key statistics, customer testimonials, or an overview of your company’s value propositions. 

Having this visual aid in the background reinforces your spoken points and keeps your brand consistently in front of the prospect. This technique also allows for a more dynamic and engaging visual experience, reducing the monotony of static slides. Furthermore, it allows you to focus on the conversation while the presentation supports your narrative. 

Using for background presentations, you can ensure that every virtual sales call is informative and visually impactful, leaving a lasting impression on your prospects.

Use a deck for note taking

Utilizing decks for note-taking during sales calls can enhance organization and ensure critical information is captured accurately. enables you to create structured slides to jot down key points, questions, and action items in real time. This approach not only keeps your notes organized but also allows you to maintain a professional appearance if you need to share your screen during the call. 

You can easily convert these notes into a follow-up presentation or a summary email, streamlining your post-call workflow. This method helps ensure that no important detail is overlooked and that the prospect feels heard and understood. 

Additionally, having a visual record of the conversation can aid in better team collaboration and more informed decision-making. Leveraging for note-taking, you can maintain consistency, enhance productivity, and improve your sales outcomes.

Send a follow up presentation with more information

Following up with a detailed presentation after a sales call is a powerful way to reinforce your message and keep the conversation moving forward. 

These presentations can address specific questions raised during the call, provide additional data, and highlight key benefits tailored to the prospect's needs. simplifies this process by allowing you to quickly update and customize slides without compromising design quality. You can integrate charts, graphs, and other visuals to make your data more compelling and easily understood.

By sending a follow-up deck, you show that you are attentive to the prospect’s concerns and committed to finding the best solution. This builds trust and keeps your product or service top-of-mind as they make their decision. Utilizing for follow-up presentations ensures that your materials are always polished, professional, and impactful, giving you a strategic advantage in closing deals.

Isabelle Nicole

Isabelle Nicole

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