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Need to add a little visual interest to your business presentation? A bar graph slide can display your data easily and effectively. Whether you use a vertical bar graph or horizontal bar graph, our bar graph template slides give you options to help simplify and present complex data, ensuring you get your point across.

Customize our bar graph template slides to:

  • Compare data over time
  • Show relationships between two different groups
  • Point out patterns or trends in data

Pro Tips for Bar Graph Template Slide

When filling out your bar graph template slide, here are a few things to consider:

Use it to track long-term changes.

Vertical bar graphs are great for comparing different groups that change over a long period of time. Small or short-term changes may not be as obvious in bar graph form.

Don’t be afraid to play with design.

You can use one bar graph template slide to display a lot of information, as long as you differentiate between data sets. Use colors, spacing, and labels to make the differences obvious.

Use a horizontal graph when necessary.

If your data labels are long, a horizontal bar graph may be easier to read and organize than a vertical bar graph.

Don’t use a horizontal graph to track time.

A vertical bar graph makes more sense when graphing data over time, since the x-axis is usually read from left to right.

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