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Bullet Slide Template

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A simple bullet list can work wonders for the text in your presentation. No one likes to read long, solid blocks of text, especially in a presentation that should support what you’re saying in a speech. Add a bullet slide into your presentation when you need to organize content into a list form, to show that certain items belong together, or to summarize key information in your presentation.

Use’s bullet template to:

  • Organize your content
  • Add context to your presentation design
  • Break up large blocks of text

If you can’t use a graphic to add visual interest to a slide, a bullet template changes up the look of your presentation and holds your audience’s attention. Plus, they’re incredibly simple to create.

Pro Tips for creating Bullet Slide Template

Consider these tips when using’s bullet template for your presentation.

Keep bullet points short.

Bullet lists give your audience an idea of what you’re saying without a lengthy explanation. Keep each bullet point concise.

Don’t use only one bullet.

A bullet slide collects information in list form. If you’re making a single point on a slide, leave the bullet out.

Customize bullets for your brand.

No need to stick to the default black dots! Add a little flair by changing the color or style of your bullets in your bullet slide.

Don’t use a bullet template on every slide.

When every slide looks the same, your presentation gets monotonous and boring. Use bullet slides thoughtfully and sparingly.

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