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Hub and Spoke Template

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A hub and spoke gets its name from its layout, which looks like spokes on a wheel. Hub and spoke diagrams are typically used to display smaller components that make up a larger idea or finding.

For example, a hub and spoke diagram about integrated marketing would have connected circles that include distribution channels for marketing: email, social media, display ads, affiliate, etc.

Use the hub and spoke template to:

  • Explore cause and effect
  • Show features of a product or service
  • Layout smaller parts of a whole concept

Pro Tips for Hub and Spoke Templates

Our hub and spoke template can help you showcase information in a whole new way. Just make sure to follow a few best practices.

Experiment with color.

To make your hub and spoke template pop, try making the hub, connectors, and surrounding circles different colors.

Don’t include too many spokes.

The more spokes you add to your central hub, the more crowded and potentially confusing your diagram becomes.

Experiment with text placement.

If you can’t fit all your text in the spoke circles, try bringing the label and explanatory text outside of the circles instead.

Add more hubs if needed.

If necessary, create a larger network of hubs and spokes by branching off into smaller, connecting diagrams.

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