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An image slide is important because it helps your audience to pay attention, understand, and remember the information you share with them. Use an image slide when you want to create visual interest in your presentation. Since people tend to connect with pictures, using unique images and wording will make a lasting impression. Creative, engaging visual content will help you make the impact you want with your audience.

Use an image slide to:

  • Create a visual break in your presentation
  • Display a quote or phrase with a background image
  • To support the main message on a slide

The image template is not only easy to use, it allows for complete customization.

Pro Tips for creating Image Slides:

A few things to keep in mind when designing:

Simplicity is best.

Use one or two large images and one short line of text for maximum effect.

Use a professional image.

Choose a professional photo that clearly illustrates the theme of your presentation.

Get creative with numbers.

You can use the image grid slide template to show large numbers and statistics that make an impact on the audience.

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