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Line Chart Template

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A line chart is a concise, visual way to show trends over time. The vertical yaxis on a line chart (also called a line graph) is usually the amount of something, such as dollars, number of sales, or number of customers. The horizontal x-axis typically uses time as a measurement. It could be years, months, weeks, days, or even hours.

A line chart example can be used to plot and display any kind of relationship between two values. How many conversions a marketing campaign received over a year, how many sales occurred in the last quarter, and how social media engagement performed in the last few weeks are all examples.

Use’s line chart templates to:

  • Display the performance of a product, service, or campaign
  • Show progress of your team’s efforts over time
  • Compare trends over a period of time

Pro Tips for Using Line Chart Templates

A few things to keep in mind when designing a line chart template:

Create a key or legend.

If you’re comparing multiple items and using several lines on your chart, be sure to identify what each line represents by color.

Don’t forget to label each axis.

Label each axis with the numeric value or unit of measurement that you’ve used.

Use the best unit of measurement.

Make sure the unit of measurement you choose will show obvious changes in your lines. For example, using time in months may show changes more clearly than time in weeks.

Don’t forget to give your line chart a title.

What information is your line chart displaying? Give it a title so your audience knows what they’re looking at instantly.

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