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Showcase partners, investors, and customers in your presentation by using a logo grid template. A logo grid can make it easy to show who you’ve worked with or served in the past, and draw attention to recognizable logos that might impress your viewers. Rather than adding logos to slides individually, this template ensures your presentation is uniform in style and design.

Use’s logo grid template to:

  • Give partners, investors, or customers a spotlight
  • Showcase your company’s experience
  • Organize logos without detracting from the presentation design

Pro Tips for creating a Logo Grid Template

Here are some things to consider when using our Logo Grid slide template.

Add logos to each slide.

Your presentation will look cohesive when logos are present on all slides.

Keep logos small but readable.

You don’t want your logo grid to distract viewers from your presentation. Keep them small and discreet, but make sure they’re big enough to read.

Use the template for perfect alignment.

Avoid adding logos individually, which may not line up perfectly and can look sloppy. Our templated logo grid helps you keep them organized.

Use simpler versions of your logos.

You probably have a variety of logos for different uses. Stick to logos that are neat and simply designed for your presentation.

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Want to change the order of your logos? Just drag an item into place on the grid template and we’ll take care of the rest.


Upload your logos to our image library - instantly. No need to worry about formatting, either; we’ll do it for you.

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