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Pictograph Template

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Over 65% of people are visual learners. To make sure your presentation is memorable, consider adding a pictograph template. A pictograph template uses repeating rows or a grid of icons to represent data. Also called an icon chart, picture chart, or pictogram, pictographs display data in a simple, compelling way.

Use our pictograph template to:

  • Report progress to a goal
  • Add variety and visual interest to your presentation
  • Make statistics memorable and impactful

Pro Tips for a Pictograph Template

Remember these tips when creating a pictograph template slide.

Choose the right icon

Pick an that makes sense for the data it will represent. For example, you might use a coin for the number of sales or a person for a number of users.

Keep it simple

Icons in your pictograph work best when they're simple and easily understood. If they're too detailed or busy, they'll distract your audience.

Show progress or ratings

Pictographs aren't just for displaying statistics. A pictograph example can show the status of a project or the average user rating of a product.

Use shades of the same color

Use a darker shade of one color for the percentage you're highlighting, and a lighter shade of the same color for the remaining icons. Contrasting colors look too confusing.

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