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Do you have a relevant, meaningful quote to add to your presentation, but you’re not sure where to put it? Give your quote its own slide using our quotation template. Quotes can add credibility and opinions from an expert to back up your presentation. It can also inspire and stir up emotion in your audience. When used correctly, a quotation template can be a thought provoking and fresh moment in your presentation.

Use the quotation template to:

  • Showcase important user feedback
  • Motivate or inspire your audience
  • Add interest to your presentation

Pro Tips for Quote Template

A quotation template is easy to use, but we’re sharing a few tips to make your quote truly meaningful for your audience.

Use a large enough font

Make your quotation easy to read. You’re giving a quote its own slide, so let it take up as much space as it needs.

Avoid overly busy background images

A well-chosen image used as the background for your quote can be eye-catching. Just make sure it’s not so eye-catching it makes the quote difficult to read.

Pick appropriate quotes

A motivational quote may be inspiring on its own, but does it make sense for your presentation? If not, find a quote from a report, statistic, or industry factoid that is more meaningful.

Give credit

Who said the quote? Don’t forget to put the name or source somewhere on your quotation template.

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