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SWOT Analysis Template

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A SWOT analysis is a planning technique used to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a business, project, or opportunity. A good SWOT analysis organizes data into four basic categories. These are:

Project Strengths

Gives insights as to what company or presenter does best.

Project Weakness

Describes potential roadblocks or hurdles that will need to be overcome within an organization or project

Project Advantages or Opportunities

Highlights external circumstances or situations for a company or organization to put their strengths to good use.

Project Disadvantages or Threats to the Project

Explains  external forces, factors or situations that could be problematic or make it harder to reach a goal.

A SWOT analysis template simplifies the process of designing your own SWOT matrix for a presentation.

Pro Tips for SWOT Analysis Slides

Here are some things to remember when developing your SWOT analysis slide:

Order of slides

The order of your slide drastically affects the impact of your presentation. To keep your audience engaged and understanding the premise of your project, supplying positive information first (strengths) conveys a more constructive message.

Color and font selection

Keep color and font easy to read. A SWOT analysis slide template using pale colors or decorative font might get lost. Remember that there are four categories to display so font size isn’t as large as single category slides.

Capitalization and titles

To keep your audience on track with where you are in the presentation titles are important in each of your four sections. Capitalization also points attention to important pieces of information.

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