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Target Slide Template

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A target is composed of a bullseye at the center, surrounded by concentric circles. Because of its format, a target slide can be used to show how a main idea (positioned in the center) branches off into related ideas or topics (in the surrounding circular areas). A target presentation template can also be broken into sections to display the steps in a process, with the goal as the bullseye.

Use’s target slide to:

  • Map out goals and objectives
  • Show steps in a process
  • Explain how parts of something relate to the whole

Pro Tips for a Target Slide

A target presentation template can add dimension to your next presentation. Here are some things to keep in mind when using it.

Put the focus or goal at the center

The data you put in the bullseye should be the main goal, key takeaway, or important information that pulls the rest of your data together.

Use only chart related data

If you don’t have a main idea that unites your data, a target slide is probably not the best type of chart to use.

Get creative with your design

Make the bullseye and different sections a unique color. Check that your text is easy to read and add white space when needed.

Don’t add too many concentric circles

The more concentric circles or layers you add to your target slide, the more difficult it may be to read.

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