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A timer can help you promote urgency or emphasize remaining time. You might use a timer in your next presentation to prompt a short Q&A, time a break-out session, or give your audience 30 minutes for a brief coffee break before the next speaker. The timer slide template is exactly how it sounds: it’s a timer dial right within your deck.

Now, you can easily customize and add a timer template to your next presentation.

Use a timer template to:

  • Allow time for a Q&A without getting off-track
  • Split teams into a timed break-out session for group discussion
  • Dismiss webinar or conference attendees for coffee or lunch breaks  

Pro Tips for Creating a Timer Template

Follow these tips when building out your own timer template.

Double check the time

This seems like a given, but make sure that you’re adding the correct time into your timer slide. Otherwise, you will allot more or less time than you intended to and derail the rest of your presentation.

Make it clear what the timer is for

Is the timer for a Q&A session? Make it clear on the slide what the objective of the timed session is. You might even include a quick note about what’s to come next so the audience is prepared. 

Opt for the slide to advance automatically

When your timer is complete, you can choose to have the slide automatically advance so that it’s not stuck on a slide with zero’s on the clock.

Follow the timer with a headline slide

 If you choose to have your timer automatically advance to the next slide, you might follow up with a headline slide prompting people to return to their seats or silence their devices. 

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