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A title slide sets the stage for your whole presentation. And since title slides are usually on display for a while before you begin a presentation, you want to make sure that they’re doing a good job of marketing you, your topic, and your company. Well-designed title slides are more likely to leave the audience with the impression you want to make.

The title slide template will ensure that your company is presented in a professional light. With simple, clean graphics, and customizable design your title slide sets the stage for the rest of your presentation.

A title slide is typically a part of most types of presentations, including:

  • The introduction slide to any presentation
  • A break between sections of a presentation
  • The last slide of a presentation

Pro Tips for a Title Slide

Here are some design ideas to get you started:

Use your brand colors.

The colors in your title slide should match your logo colors. People associate color with brands.

Bigger logos are not better.

Your logo should not take precedence over the theme/title of the presentation. Size it to be visible but not the most prominent item on the title slide.

Balance the elements on the slide.

Don’t overload the title slide with too much text or with too many graphics. Keep a balance between the elements so that there’s no competition for attention.

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