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Word Cloud Template

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A word cloud is a collection, or cluster, of words depicted in different sizes. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it’s mentioned within a given text and the more important it is. But let’s be honest: most people use word clouds because they look cool, especially when they’re animated. Word cloud slides are a great tool for presenters who are looking to communicate the importance or frequency of words used in relation to one another.

Some great uses for a word cloud would be:

  • Displaying survey results
  • Showing the level of interest in a topic or idea
  • Calling out key ideas or themes from large amounts of data

When your raw data is text-based, but you want a stunning visualization to highlight important textual data, a word cloud slide can make a collection of seemingly random words immediately convey crucial information.

Pro Tips for Word Cloud Slides

Here are some things to remember when developing your word cloud slide:

Color matters

Word cloud slide templates can be tweaked to be monochromatic, multicolored, or black and white. This allows you to highlight words you want to stand out with bright or bold tones.

Focus on presentation

Where your words appear, how much space is between them and thumbnail size all play a role in the impact of your word cloud slide.

Choose a readable font

Word cloud slides stack words in compelling and aesthetic ways. This makes some fonts harder to read than others. Choose a font that stands out but doesn’t become gibberish when flipped on its side.

Not every project is word cloud slide compatible

A word cloud slide template is best used when trying to create a dynamic, visual impact. This makes them best suited to word text. Number oriented data is best displayed in different slide types, such as spreadsheets.

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