What Is Marketing Operations and How Can Presentations Help?

Samantha Pratt Lile
June 8, 2022
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What Is Marketing Operations and How Can Presentations Help?What Is Marketing Operations and How Can Presentations Help?
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Marketing impacts every aspect of the sales funnel and practically every element of business. After all, as novelist Milan Kundera says, “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.”

But what is marketing without the people, processes and technology that power a business’ overall strategy? How can marketing operations teams implement marketing strategy, and how can presentations help them along the way?

Curious to learn more about marketing operations? Read on to find out the definition of marketing operations (MOps) and get some helpful tips on how teams can use presentations to implement their marketing strategies.

What is marketing operations?

What is marketing operations, and what does marketing operations do? Gartner defines it as the function of overseeing an organization’s marketing program, campaign planning and annual strategic planning activities. Other responsibilities include technology and performance measurement and reporting and data analytics. In essence, marketing operations refers to the people, processes and technology involved in bringing a marketing strategy to fruition.

The people involved with marketing operations might include marketing managers, strategists, analysts, content experts and SEO specialists, while marketing processes consist of elements such as project planning, market research, performance analysis and data management, among others. The technology side of MOps includes tools like customer relationship management (CRM) software, a content management system, advertising tools and social media platforms.

How do teams implement marketing operations?

Combined, all of these elements work together to implement marketing strategies. At the helm is the marketing operations manager. What does a marketing operations manager do? He or she lays the framework for how the MOps teams will do their jobs, makes strategic decisions on marketing activities and develops a strategy for success. The role is a crucial one to a modern business. According to one survey, an astounding 93% of B2B marketers said the marketing operations function is important or crucial to delivering digital transformation. How else will teams successfully achieve their goals without adequate technological tools and strategies to properly utilize them?

Teams can implement marketing operations through a variety of strategies, including project management, strategic planning, organizational benchmarking, performance measurement, data management and other processes used in multiple aspects of business. One way teams can help the implementation of marketing ops is through communicating strategy through presentations. Much like organizations can use presentations to help organize their business plans, they can employ customized presentation templates to organize and communicate their marketing plans and strategies.

How can presentations help with marketing operations strategy?

Marketing operations strategy encompasses practically every aspect of a marketing team’s efforts, and visual presentations have become a part of most marketing teams’ communication strategies. A variety of presentations can help deliver an effective marketing operations strategy, including marketing campaign plans, SEO reports, marketing proposals and competitive analyses. And sure, teams can spend hours poring over the design details of a PowerPoint presentation, or they can customize a powerful presentation template curated for specific marketing purposes.

How can presentation templates help support a marketing operations strategy? Consider the benefits of the following marketing presentation templates from

  • Annual marketing plan – Marketing teams can create effective marketing plan presentations with this slide deck template. It includes all the necessary slides to illustrate marketing strategies, ad campaigns, proposals and more. Just add the relevant content and watch as artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the layout based on professional principles of good design.
  • Marketing campaign plan – A marketing campaign plan can help teams identify the most effective marketing activities and channels to reach their campaign objectives and influence their target customers. Teams can organize the marketing campaign plan by applying it to a visual presentation, and the marketing campaign plan presentation template is designed specifically for that purpose. The template breaks down the marketing campaign from beginning to end with slides designed to share a campaign’s target audience and goals, social media and email marketing plans, performance metrics and more.
  • SEO Report – SEO is a vital part of the modern marketing strategy, and an SEO report is a valuable tool in implementing a marketing operations plan. An SEO report educates clients, colleagues and investors about SEO campaign performance. To be effective, however, these reports need to be comprehensive and succinct. In other words, they have the potential to be boring. A visual presentation, however, offers an excellent opportunity to present a large amount of data in a way that both informs and engages your audience.’s customizable SEO report presentation template features all the right slides to showcase the necessary data, including campaign performance, strategies and roadmaps, and project deliverables.  
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