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Total Addressable Market (TAM) Presentation Template

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Total addressable market— also referred to as total available market or TAM— helps businesses identify the overall demand for their offering if there were no competitors or alternative options available. A total addressable market presentation helps teams calculate the revenue potential for their offering so they can develop effective go-to-market (GTM) strategies with real market parameters in place. Having a deck allows teams to present these opportunities to key stakeholders.’s total addressable market presentation template can give teams the tools they need to win more market share and grow the business. 

Total addressable market extends to both new and established businesses, as it helps to evaluate the potential return on investment, the need for resources, and the market size for a specific product or service. The customizable template has everything you need to stay organized and aligned on company goals.

Our total addressable market (TAM) presentation can also help you:

  • Run an industry analysis to keep up with market trends
  • Identify your market opportunities to craft a more effective GTM strategy 
  • Share your findings in a more appealing way to key stakeholders and decision makers

Use our template to create an effective total addressable market presentation

A total addressable market presentation gives teams the platform to collaborate on and share business opportunities and goals. Whether you need to identify market size and buyers’ personas or display forecasting, you can bring your visions to life with these customizable templates and our entire library of professionally designed template slides.

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Pro tips to create an impactful total addressable market (TAM) presentation

As you use this template to build your own total addressable market presentation, keep these tips in mind:

Make use of graphics

There’s a lot of data to cover in TAM presentations. Use graphics like timelines, scatter plots, bar graphs, or a SWOT analysis to make your data easily digestible.

Strike a balance

Don’t overwhelm your audience with data and numbers. Try to break it up with more content-driven slides like buyer personas.

Check your data

Your TAM involves analysis of your target audience, market fit, competition, and so on. Make sure your data is up to date and accurate before moving forward with a strategy.

Explain next steps

What is the ultimate conclusion you’ve drawn from your TAM research? Present next steps at the end of the presentation that gives everyone an idea of what needs to be done to hit the market goals.