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10 Best Presentation Templates for SaaS Companies

Samantha Pratt Lile
January 20, 2021
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10 Best Presentation Templates for SaaS Companies10 Best Presentation Templates for SaaS Companies
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Like other businesses, SaaS companies at some point will need to communicate with internal departments, investors, business clients and customers, and a visual presentation is one of the most effective methods of business communication.

Software as a Service remains a hot topic in 2021, as countless startups continue to enter the market with every passing month, and interest in the topic remains high.

But what is SaaS? We can start with what it isn’t. Traditionally, software applications had to be purchased, via either disk or digital file, and physically downloaded onto a local computer. Software as a Service, on the other hand, generally involves an application made available over the internet, often via subscription. 

Users can then access SaaS apps from any internet-enabled device. In 2020, 80 percent of businesses used some sort of SaaS application. By 2022, worldwide revenue from SaaS companies is projected to reach $151 billion.

Like other businesses, SaaS companies at some point will need to communicate with internal departments, investors, business clients and customers, and a visual presentation is one of the most effective methods of business communication.

Still, it’s not uncommon for business professionals to spend hours tweaking their presentations. Just think of all the effort it takes to not only design the presentation but also to adjust margins, align elements and insert graphics such as charts and infographics. According to a 2018 survey of those who create their own slide presentations, 47 percent said they spent more than 8 hours to design the deck.

Fortunately,—an SaaS company in its own right— streamlines the entire presentation design process. Users of’s AI-powered, cloud-based presentation software claim they can create designs 10 times faster than they can with traditional software options like PowerPoint and other PowerPoint alternatives. 

Not only do’s smart slides give users a jumpstart on their presentation designs, but users can even access entire presentation templates featuring all the right slides for all sorts of purposes, which they can edit and customize with just a few clicks.

Looking for the perfect presentation template? Check out the following 10 of’s most popular presentation templates perfect for SaaS companies:

1. Annual Marketing Plan

Presentations detailing marketing plans are useful to outline and summarize a company’s annual marketing goals. These presentations can describe the company’s target customer, marketing budget, planned advertising and promotional campaigns, projected revenue and other marketing strategies.’s Annual Marketing Plan presentation template eases the pressure of designing slides from scratch with smart slide templates chosen specifically for marketing plans, while still allowing designers the flexibility to create a personalized presentation.

2. Social Media Strategy

Effective social media strategies include a variety of aspects such as background research, campaign goals, task lists and deliverables. Social media marketers can save time and create a more professional presentation with’s Social Media Strategy presentation template. The Social Media Strategy template helps professionals present research, goals and strategies to executives, investors and other clients. The template features smart slides and infographics selected for describing audience demographics, competitive landscapes, social media strengths and campaign goals.  

3. Sales Proposal

Sales proposals are one of the more common forms of presentation among all types of business, and SaaS companies are no exception.’s Sales Proposal presentation template helps professionals impress potential investors, clients and customers by demonstrating why they should purchase or invest in a company, product or service. The presentation template features smart slides and infographics chosen for their ability to present sales proposal details such as company statistics, industry overview, pricing tables and calls to action. 

4. Investment Proposal

Few startups succeed without outside investors, and SaaS companies certainly are no exception to that rule. How does a fledgling company convince potential investors their product or service is a worthwhile venture? A visual presentation like’s Investment Proposal template is sure to impress potential investors by including smart slides and infographics perfect for detailing a project or business idea, introducing principal players in the company and securing that vital funding.

5. Business Plan

A business plan has been called an essential first step toward a company’s success, and SaaS companies can share a business plan presentation with potential investors and business partners, informing them of company information such as business goals, marketing strategy and financial forecast.’s Small Business Plan presentation template features smart slides and infographics selected for their ability to illustrate a company’s potential for success with details like an executive summary, target market, competitive analysis and product features.

6. SEO Proposal

Search engine optimization helps companies maximize their online presences, and it has grown into one of the most popular marketing strategies. SEO, however, can be very technical, and it’s not always the easiest concept to sell to clients, stakeholders and investors who aren’t well-versed in the marketing strategy.’s SEO Proposal presentation template can help SaaS companies pitch their SEO strategies with the help of smart slides and infographics that present SEO audit data, channel performance and keyword reports, as well as a variety of other SEO-related presentation content.

7. SEO Reporting

While the previous presentation template can help pitch an SEO strategy, an SEO report informs clients, principals and investors of the status and results of SEO campaigns. An effective SEO report will share how an SEO campaign or campaigns are performing, explain SEO strategies, describe steps toward future growth and provide the status of SEO project deliverables.’s SEO Report presentation template incorporates smart slides and infographics that are useful in an SEO report, selected for their ability to present info like bounce rates, traffic, conversions, target keywords and mobile usability.

8. Company Overview

It’s said that every company has a story to tell, and the motto definitely rings true for SaaS companies. A business overview tells this tale, while it also shares company info like its philosophy, goals, team members, products and future plans.’s Company Overview presentation template incorporates slides perfect for summarizing a company at annual meetings, investor and potential customer pitches and even new hire orientations.  

9. Go To Market 

SaaS companies rely on a go to market, or GTM, strategy to describe a plan to enter a new market or to reach a new audience. Therefore, each slide in a GTM visual presentation will describe a different step in the strategy.’s Go To Market presentation template was created to outline business strategy, validate timing, target audience and market, and inform teams of the GTM strategy. The template incorporates smart slides and infographics that can be customized for a new product or service launch, a startup launch or even a brand relaunch.

10. Market Research

Market research has been aiding companies in analyzing and understanding their markets since long before SaaS existed. Not only is market research essential for improving core business operations, but it’s also a vital tool in planning the future growth of a company.’s Market Research presentation template includes smart slides and infographics selected for their ability to propose new market research and present research findings to investors and stakeholders, while also informing them of future strategies based on market research.

Samantha Pratt Lile

Samantha Pratt Lile

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