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4 Presentation Templates to Help Consultants and Freelancers Grow Their Business

Beautiful.AI Team
August 10, 2023
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4 Presentation Templates to Help Consultants and Freelancers Grow Their Business4 Presentation Templates to Help Consultants and Freelancers Grow Their Business
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By definition, consultants and freelancers are different. Generally speaking, freelancers are self-employed and work as independent contractors on a project-to-project basis. Consultants, on the other hand, provide advice or services in an area of specialization that falls under contingent work. Though they’re different, both are typically on a contractual basis as opposed to working as a full-time employee. Because of that, freelancers, consultants, and agencies need to be able to pitch themselves to new clients. Presentations act as a platform for them to share portfolios of past work, pitch their range of services, and align on scope of work for the job. 

These are 4 presentation templates that can be used to help consultants and freelancers grow their business. 

Consultant pitch

Freelance consultants have one shot to make a good impression on a potential client and win their business. Since consultants are responsible for bringing in new clients, every pitch counts. A winning consultant pitch presentation will act as an overview of how they can help prospects grow their business, while showcasing their own portfolio. Individuals can craft a better pitch with’s consultant pitch presentation example.   

The customizable template has everything you need to introduce your team and outline your solution and action plan. When a consultant pitch presentation is done well, it can help freelancers and agencies win more business and expand their client list. 

Our consultant pitch presentation can also help you sell your services to a new client, outline what services and deliverables you can offer, and show off your firm’s expertise and past results.

Consulting proposal

Consultants are experts in a given field, they specialize in anything from Information Technology to Human Resources. Consulting proposal presentations are used by consultants and consulting firms to showcase success, set expectations, and onboard new clients. Consulting proposals are part of effective customer lifecycle management. To craft a consulting proposal presentation you’ll need a project summary, key deliverables, a timeline, and a way to gauge project success.  Our Consulting proposal template makes it easy for you to adjust quickly to different situations and specific clients. This can lead to a larger customer base, better organization, and agreeable client expectations.

Our consulting proposal presentation template can help you increase your customer base, outline pricing and expectations, and build a practical timeline.

Creative portfolio

A creative portfolio does it all: it’s a resume that helps you stand out from the crowd, it highlights your best work, and it shows off your educational background or expertise skills. First impressions are vital and an eye-catching portfolio that shows off your best work is sure to have a positive impact.

With our creative portfolio template, you can spotlight your work and skills, as well as show off your professional style. You’ll impress potential clients and employers with a readable, eye-catching creative portfolio that’s easy to customize. 

Use our creative portfolio template to showcase your past work and clients, highlight your professional skills and offerings, and to connect with new business. 

Scope of work

A scope of work template can help managers onboard new hires or contractors more seamlessly.’s scope of work presentation template allows you to introduce new projects and manage deliverables and tasks. 

These customizable slide templates have everything you need for a scope of work presentation, like project background, task milestones, and an effective communication plan. 

Our scope of work template can also help you introduce new projects to internal teams or external contractors or freelancers, set and agree upon expectations for deliverables and tasks, or keep stakeholders informed with the scope of work and progress of projects. 

Beautiful.AI Team

Beautiful.AI Team

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