The 4 Unique Things About B2B Sales Strategy You Should Know

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May 14, 2021
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The 4 Unique Things About B2B Sales Strategy You Should KnowThe 4 Unique Things About B2B Sales Strategy You Should Know
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To build a winning B2B sales strategy, it takes a nuanced approach. Corporate consumers are tech savvy but overwhelmed with choices, and often tied down by complex procurement processes. The internet bombards them with advice and big promises, and your prospects are weary of the search. But if you can understand your customer’s point of view, you can train your sales team to cut through the noise. This list will walk you through the essential things to keep in mind in order to nurture satisfying sales relationships and profitable B2B accounts.

1. B2B clients are focused on solving a problem

According to research by Gartner, your corporate customers begin their journey by identifying a problem in their tools and systems. This means that your lead-generation strategy should help them learn more about their issue. Both your inbound content and sales outreach efforts need to be grounded in your clients’ challenges so you can share valuable insights that help them improve their results.

  • Stay in touch with your customers’ struggles through surveys, interviews, and market research
  • Learn how your client’s audience makes decisions so you can support their success
  • Use inbound marketing content to attract, engage, and delight your audience (e.g. SEO blogging, downloadable reports, and shareable social media)
  • Make sure your content flows smoothly into your sales experience with consistent messaging and design
  • Incorporate your customer-centric voice into your outbound strategies like email marketing, direct mail, display ads, and in-person events

2. Your prospects want to know why their current system isn’t working

Although your client may be painfully aware of the symptoms of their problem, the underlying cause may still be a mystery. And since a corporate purchase can involve 6-10 decision makers, any confusion or disagreement about their requirements can make their purchasing journey more arduous.

You can provide incredible value at this stage by helping your prospects diagnose the underlying issues that are causing their pain. Not only does this relieve their confusion and stress, but it positions your sales team to step in as their hero.

  • Create myth-busting content like blogs and infographics 
  • Stock your sales kit with charts, anecdotes and case studies
  • Help prospects evaluate the solutions that are available, using data comparison charts and decision-making flowcharts
  • Orient your sales experience to help clients determine what solution is their best fit and help them customize their setup for optimal results

3. Business consumers rely on social proof to validate their decisions

Just like private consumers, your B2B customers are keenly aware of marketing persuasion. They look for customer and expert reviews to validate their decisions. Forrester research says that B2B purchasers are likely to find three pieces of content about you for every item you publish about yourself. Here’s how to make those outside opinions work in your favor.

  • Share exciting stories about your clients and impressive statistics on social media
  • Leverage testimonial videos or quotes in your presentations
  • Create attractive case study presentations and downloadable reports
  • Keep your social media audience engaged and delighted
  • Provide outstanding customer service to gain positive feedback and mentions
  • Survey your customers and ask for reviews routinely

4. Corporate purchasers are accountable for their buys

With the seemingly endless choices available in business systems and services, the pressure is on for procurers to choose the right suppliers. Not only will they need to defend the cost of their decision, but they also need to make sure that your solution will outlive their company’s next growth spurt or pivot. Before they pour the financial and time resources into acquiring and executing your product, they need reassurance that you’ll be worth the investment.

  • Don’t let the romance die after the contract is signed
  • Make sure your sales plan keeps impressing loyal customers with frequent attention, personalized care, and ongoing engagement with their evolving problems and goals
  • Create email and content campaigns that follow-through on feedback from customer surveys and reviews

For truly customer-centric B2B sales, trust to incorporate all the essential elements into a smooth, engaging, and satisfying presentation. With thoughtful templates and an intuitive experience, you’ll be able to stay focused on your client’s needs while your strategic content earns their engagement, delight, and trust. See how easy it is to build a beautiful sales relationship with presentation tools that were designed for you.

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Beautiful.AI Team

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